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Read through the latest articles and mentions about Sayali Mundye and their work below and scroll down for collateral materials.

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The Indian Express

February 22 marked the centenary of one of India's most famous modernist painters, SH Raza. Six people -- a collector, a gallerist, artists, a teacher and a curator -- recount their favourite thing about the iconic master's art and life.

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The New Indian Express

This show featuring 12 curated exhibitions by South  Asian artists is an experimental inquiry into the possibilities of art curation in today’s times 

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Mid-day Mumbai

Sayali Mundye talks about the latest facade on one of Mumbai's oldest galleries in Colaba.

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The Hindu

A pop-up showcase ensconced in a busy city mall is an ideal way for public arts to intersect with arts education.

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A popular mall in Kurla will host a pop-up museum showcasing India's artistic heritage in collaboration with Piramal Museum of Art.

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The Sunday Guardian

Art galleries and museums in India are not the most disabled-friendly in the world. But some prominent venues in our big cities are attempting to integrate art with accessibility by building exhibitions around tactile artworks for the blind, writes Bhumika

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The First Post

Western countries encourage art appreciation for young children as their artistic communities recognise them as an audience early on. In India, this is still at its nascent stages but the recent past shows that it’s a trend that is surely picking up.

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The Asian Age

An art, nature, and heritage walk will take participants on a journey through Byculla’s glorious past.

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Awaken the artist within you.

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Palava News

Several prestigious institutions maximised on their digital affordances by streaming their collections and exhibitions through live tours. However, the idea does raise a burning question as far as the bigger picture goes: How will the role of the museum change post this pandemic?

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